“Just friends” or “not getting things quite right”?

I was watching a YouTube video from SoulPancake that asks the age-old question: “Can women and men really just be good friends?” As in platonic. No develops crushes, feelings, romantic thoughts. No intentions of pursuing a romantic relationship. No sex. No kissing. No “amorous hugs”. (And assuming that both people are straight and unmarried.)

I say they can if and only if there are certain circumstances, otherwise no. Not for long at least.

However, a little more than halfway in, I started to wonder: what if we’re approaching friendships and dating relationships in a way that’s not quite right.

What if we’re not putting enough effort into our friendships? And what about being friends with your significant other? After all, shouldn’t there be more to relationships besides the romance?

Or am I just too single to understand?


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